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Meet Our Ink Maestros:

Depiction Tattoo Artists

Our team of artists are some of the most colorful characters you will ever meet…  Their artistic skills, attention to detail, work ethic and their ability to adapt designs or styles to blend with a customer's own sense of style make them some of the most sought after tattoo creators in the world.



Sam opened Depiction Tattoo Gallery in October of 2010. She has grown the business into an awesome shop with a great atmosphere and has hired some of the best artists in North Texas. She is a mother, business owner and lover of cheese.

Specialties: Decorative, Floral, Neo-Traditional, Mehndi

Favorite Spice Girl: Sporty

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Kelly has over 20 years of tattoo experience. He started tattooing in 1999 in New Jersey. After doing some guest appearances at Depiction, he decided to move to Texas in 2017 and become a resident artist with us. Kelly has won over 50 tattoo awards at various conventions and has had his work published in many magazines. Kelly still enjoys working as a mall Santa and has done so every year since 2005.

Specialties: Illustrative, Fantasy, New School, Bio-mech, Asian

Favorite Spice Girl: Ginger

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Andrew’s tattoo career started in 2008 in Dallas, TX. He has been a resident artist with Depiction since April 2019. Andrew is a father, husband and avid spelunker.

Specialties: American, Japanese, Fine Line Black & Grey

Favorite Spice Girl: Scary

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Jason started his tattoo career in 2007 in 29 Palms, California. After doing some guest spots around the DFW area, he decided to move to Texas and become a resident artist with us. Jason has been at Depiction since August of 2015 and enjoys taxidermy in his spare time.

Specialties: Neo-traditional, SciFi, Nerdy Stuff, Geometric, Video Game Characters

Favorite Spice Girl: Posh

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Josh began his apprenticeship at Depiction in 2020 and became a full time resident artist in August of 2021. He loves anime, video games and once won 1st place in a thumb wrestling tournament.

Specialties: Anime, Video Game Characters, Neo-Traditional

Favorite Spice Girl: “Who are the Spice Girls?”

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Lindsay started tattooing in late 2019 in Mansfield. She joined the Depiction family in November of 2023. She enjoys traveling, a variety of crafts and was born with a conjoined twin. 

Specialties: Neo-traditional, Floral and Art Nouveau

Favorite Spice Girl: Baby

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Tenley is the manager and backbone of Depiction Tattoos...  She handles all the tedious hard work of making sure all our clients get the attention they deserve. For many years Tenley has been the face and voice of the studio. Tenley is an expert at placing customers who don't have a current tattoo artist with the best matched artist at Depiction. She's involved in all aspects of the work we do here and if you ever need anything, she is who you'd want to reach out to.

Favorite Spice Girl: Your Mom

Studio Manager

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